"Making your FLASH business logo"
After reviewing the the next 3 lessons design a
business appropriate logo for your new project!

Flash MX 2004 Overview"Most of you have visited web sites filled with video-like animation, sound effects and music synchronized to the animation, enhanced interactivity, and stunning graphics--all of which appear to load and play almost instantly. These sites seem to have rocketed their design to "another level." and you've surely wondered, "How did they do that?" More than likely, you were experiencing a site designed using Flash or the SWF file format. Flash (developed by Macromedia) is the leading vector graphics technology for designing high-impact, low-bandwidth web sites. SWF (ShockWave Flash) is the file format used by Macromedia Flash to deliver graphics, animation and sound over the Internet. These techniques are rapidly changing the way we play, work, or just browse online. What are vector graphics? Vector graphics, which manipulate coordinates and mathematical formulas rather than pixel-by-pixel bitmaps, produce graphics files that are one-tenth the size of bitmaps. Additionally, SWF can deliver animation, rich colors, sound, and interactivity. Moreover, this approach downloads faster, it's scalable, and it boasts higher quality than other graphics formats. Well over 95% of Internet users can now view SWF content: over 300 million people have downloaded the Flash Player for their browser. Even better, if you already run at least a 4.0 browser, no plug-in is required - it's already there. Macromedia published the specifications for SWF in April 1998. It is now an open source format for development by third parties. The SWF file format is being integrated into web design and graphic applications more and more, and it's becoming increasingly easier and faster for web designers and developers to learn and to use."
...excerpted from Steve Salmon in the Flash 5 Bible.

Make an awesome Flash graphic, comic strip, movie or game! Sweet vector graphics allow for a cell-shaded look and crazy file compression for speedy distribution over the internet! Scan in your artwork or a photo and Flashify it into a form that will make ya famous! Take it to the final level and be the rare few that make an interactive game using ActionScript!
Flash Tuts

Homestar Runner
Mr. Roboto
Napoleon Dynamite


3. Lastly, read Making Fills With Photographs

To save your work as a web ready Flash movie (*.swf) choose
File-Export-Export Movie or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S

To embed your business logo into your page use the following code
making sure the logo.swf file is in your project folder

<object width="320" height="200">
<embed src="logo.swf" width="320" height="200"></embed>


Once you start Flash MX 2004 you will notice a lot of areas in the application.
We are going to focus on the most commonly used areas for our purposes this final term.

First, the stage area is where we'll see it all happen!
On the top menu choose File...New...Flash Document to see your stage appear.

The toolbar on the left contains many of the icons similar to most paint applications.
Feel free to select the Tools and apply them to your blank stage.
If you mess up remember Ctrl+Z will undo whatever you do.

For finer color control use the Color Mixer...

When any object on your stage has been selected the Properties panel will
reflect additional attributes that you can modify if you wish. In this example
text has been selected.

The Timeline is a very important panel that allows you to
organize and control the action sequence of your movie!

The Behaviors and Actions Panel will allow you to program all
the kinds of movement and interactivity you desire

The Components Panel is a recent addition to the Flash application that allows
quick insertion of the most common media and universal interface components
with little, if any, additional coding effort required.

You can find help for most of your questions in the Help menu.

Choose Help then How Do I and explore both of the first 2 lesson sections

After exploring the Help - How Do I section, experiment with all the tools
and start filling your stage. When ready to test your movie just press Ctrl+Enter

To save your work as a web ready Flash movie choose
File-Export-Export Movie or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S
It will save as a
name.swf file which can now be embedded in your web page!
Fills are used to create the effects of depth and shading.

KIRUPA Fill Techniques Tutorial