Animated GIFs
Create you own unique animated gif from scratch
and add it to one of your project pages

USE PISKEL APP OR Follow directions below

SAVE & have your last 3 lessons graded!

Below is an animated GIF picture.

It is really several .GIF format pictures hooked
together in sequence and coded to play each picture for a designated amount
of time, giving the appearance of motion (similar to handmade FLIP BOOK animations).

If you create a series of gif pictures in a paint program and would like to convert it into
an animated GIF or if you have some gif photos and would like to knit
them together in a slide show then download THIS FREE PROGRAM to assist you.

Just select the gifs in the order of play, set the time per frame (50 cs = 1/2 sec per frame),
click Make Animated GIF, choose a new name and then load it in your browser to view!
( Make sure all your gifs are the same dimensions