FRAMES allow you to have just one menu on one page
and easily add pages to your site without having to make
menu changes to all of the other pages :)

Modify your project by creating a new frames.html with your current graphical menu that targets your 5 pages into the frame.


This is an Imbedded Frame,
the easy way to merge multiple pages into one!
Click the buttons and see that they are TARGETED to
load in the frame below!

this is the code:
<a href="home.html" target="coolframe"> <img src="home.gif"> </a>
<a href="contact.html" target="coolframe"> <img src="contact.gif"> </a>
<a href="mission.html" target="coolframe"> <img src="mission.gif"> </a>
<a href="staff.html" target="coolframe"> <img src="staff.gif"> </a> <br>
<iframe src="index.html" name="coolframe" width="600" height="400"></iframe>

Here is a frame example
done using <table> AND <iframe >
this is the code:
<td><iframe src="menu.html" name="left" width="200" height="400"></iframe></td>
<td><iframe src="project1.html" name="right" width="500" height="400"></iframe></td>

For a more sophisticated method to do frames
CLICK HERE to see & learn!