Introduction to Computer Technology
Intro Presentation

Master the increasing technological skills required at school and your future career. Dazzle teachers with assignments done using all the bells and whistles of your Google Drive apps, including: documents, presentations, forms, drawings, spreadsheets, blogs and sites.  Troubleshoot the most common issues with hardware, peripherals and file management. Explore the top programming languages that can guarantee an exciting career in one of the largest job markets projected for the near future.Bring your art and ideas to life on the web with popular image and animation formats. Easily design and build your very own web or smartphone app! This course is designed for both the beginner and intermediate tech user.

Days 1 - 5 Internet & Computer Basics

  • LOGIN (19sjacobson Pw123456), earphones, USB drives
    Intro Presentation
    1. Review Basic Parts
    2. Review Buttons and Ports
    3. Review Inside a computer

    Will project to class!

  • Mastering Digital Citizenship using Interland
    Must complete all 4 areas with a combined score of 970 or greater
    Click on EXPLORE LEARNINGS and take a screenshot
    When ready, take THIS test

  • Activity: Screenshot, email, etc
    1. Create folder on desktop with your name
    2. SCREENSHOT/Snipping tool C:\drive available Space
      and save to your named folder
    3. Open screengrab in Paint and save again as BMP and JPG (3)
    4. Compare size (kilobytes) PNG vs BMP vs JPG
    5. Compress to a Zipped folder
      Aattach to gmail with file comparison response
    6. email to instructor: sjacobson (at)

GoogleFeud, GoogleFight, WikiSpeedRace, IMDB

hardware, internal....use webcam and project to class
desktop/C:drive/USB/Google Drive
connect : CAT5, wireless, bluetooth ----bandwidth
storage : RAM, HDD, USB, the cloud/web...server farms
Troubleshooting... sabotaged?

Days 6 - 9 Google Drive
Dazzle teachers with assignments done using all
the bells and whistles of your Google Drive apps

  • [1] Document [import/export/share/group edit/Ctrl-V/C/Z/Y]
    Create a 200+ word document detailing key life events of your original hero/villain character. Include graphics [Maker 0] [Maker 1] [Maker 2] [Maker 3].
    [Screenshots (Print Screen or Snipping Tool)] Share
    with edit privileges to another trusted student for them to add a critique. Share with the instructor [sjacobson] for a grade. How will digital citizenship be reflected in your work?

  • [1] SLIDES Lesson
    Create a GOOGLE SLIDES that teaches someone something, e.g. your hobby or interest
    s. Must be at least 10 slides, original, not too simple, include multiple graphics/screenshots, 1 LESSON TITLE slide with your name, 8 informational slides, 1 ending slide with the words "TAKE QUIZ". Share with the instructor.

  • [1] FORM- QUIZ [Create an 8 question QUIZ over your previous slides]
    Click on the SETTING (gear icon) and choose the QUIZZES TAB and activate 'Make This A Quiz" so you can choose the correct answers and assign points for autograding. When done, click the SEND button, choose the link tab and COPY. Now, go open your previous SLIDE Lesson (Slide #10), select the words "TAKE QUIZ", click on the insert LINK icon and PASTE-APPLY.

  • [1] Drawing [Create an original trading/collectible/customizable style card character, in a style similar to Magic, Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!]
    Download as an SVG format for grading. Rename this file with your student account, i.e. 20FI_LastName.SVG and attach to an email to the instructor.

Days 10 - 16 HTML/CSS

  • [3] Create a 5 page website with original graphics on each page using one of the following: Google Sites, Weebly, WIX
    Page ideas: friends, links, quotes, photo gallery, blog, about...
    How will your live website reflect digital citizenship?

  • [4] HTML/CSS Web Pages OR Intro To JS: Drawings and Animation OR Advanced JS: Games & Visualizations
    Create an account (sign in with your student Google account) to save progress for a grade! Reach the end of MORE CSS Selectors  to get a 100% 'A'
    OR the end of Functions or the end of Making a Memory Game
    If you'd like to do a couple sections in each of the 3, so it adds up to 6, I will combine :)

Days 17 - 25 REAL WEBSITE w/bells!

  • [2] Animated Gif - PISKEL export animated GIF
    Create 3     20+ frame animations to inlude in your upcoming web site hack

  • [2] Create 3 FLASH Logo Animations using Vectorian Giotto to inlude in your upcoming web site hack ---It's already installed on your school computer at 'This OC' icon, Local Disk (C:), Giotto folder, Click on vectoriangiotto.exe
    Teacher's 'Get Rid of UGLY corners' Tutorial

    After SAVING to a DESKTOP folder as LOGO1.VGD , LOGO2.VGD, LOGO3.VGD
    FILE-EXPORT FLASH MOVIE for each and notice it now shows LOGO1.SWF, LOGO2.SWF, LOGO3.SWF files. SWF is the official format for Flash Browser movies.  To VIEW these in the browser, RIGHT-CLICK on the SWF file, Choose OPEN WITH, MORE APPS, Internet Explorer, (ALLOW or accept any warnings).
    Flash [Basics + web page embed code
    [Download Giotto for home use]
    Alternatives: Adobe Flash Animate, SYNFIG

  • [4] Hack this HTML template with NOTEPAD
    Right-click > SaveLink As > to Desktop > UNZIP
    (5 pg site unzipped to desktop or thumb drive)
    include your previously made animated gifs and flash movie

Class Survey

Days 26 - 29 CHOICES!!!

[4] CHOOSE ONE: ---[100 pts]


>>> Create an account and go as far as you can!
Choose STUDENT (Individual) No Class Code
40 Total levels = A, 30 = B, 20 = C, 10 = D

Construct 2 (already installed)
Pick an existing template and modify extensively.
Explore/modify EVENTS and Online HELP/Tutorials.
Hack 4 separate templates for an A, 3 = B, 2 = C, 1 = D

MightyFingers (Get BONUS for this one!)
Best way to learn Javascript by making games!
>>> Create an account!!!

Days 30 - 38 Fast App Prototyping

[9] Games Factory (FUSION) Web GAME/APP [100 pts]
Explore Active Object Types, e.g. bouncing, path, 8-direction, etc
Explore Collector, Platformer, 2 Player mechanics
EXPORT final mini-game
Include score, lives, original graphics, sound for maximum points

1.) Make a Collector
3 levels with enemies
2.) Make a Platformer
long level with 'tutrtle' enemies and final BOSS
3) Make a 2 Player
More points for COOP

If you get behind >>> Crash Course!

Games Factory/Fusion for home use? [30 day]
MORE Examples
Web Sound FX
FREE Character SPRITES!: [C:\charasmaker] or RPGVX EXPORT or
Sprite Generator or HERE

Days 39 - 44 3D

[6] Create 3D Meshes 100pts
Create 3 different 3D objects using Anim8or (already installed on class computer)
YouTube Tutorial