Charity List

Here is our ever growing list of charities who work with the homeless. Our aim is naturally to sniff out each and every place across the globe, but you’d have to give us some time =P If your city is not yet here, send us a mail and we will move your city up on our priority list.

We don’t only want to sniff them out, we also want to make printables for these places that you guys can print and hand out to streeties!

Why is this important? Well… We believe that giving loose change from your pocket isn’t changing anything at all. In fact, you are just giving a streetie more incentive to stay on the streets! Although you mean well, you really are just worsening the situation. But we have good news! Each and every one of us has the ability to give REAL CHANGE! To make a difference in a life that needs it! Even better, there are a few different ways to do this!

1 – Direct a streetie towards a charity that can help him/her (and give them a
sweet SpareChange printable if you have one on you =P)
2 – Give some food or something the streetie can use like clothes or a shelter ticket.
3 – Donate to a charity that works with streeties (they all welcome monetary donations,
but many places also accept clothes, food, toys and so on – this is great news for that
next time you decide to pack out your attic =P)
4 – Volunteer some of your time at one of these charities and see how your efforts can
effect lives directly!

Charity list

Anywhere – world wide! Host your very own Street Store!

South Africa – Stellenbosch
South Africa – Cape Town
South Africa – Johannesburg (under construction)