How can you help

SpareChange is a very ambitious project, currently with a team of three members! Therefore we really appreciate ANY help in ANY form from ANYbody! Below you will find a list of ways in which you can help, but if you have a skill or an idea that is not listed, please feel free to contact us and let us know.

Spread the word

Marketing is very important and the best form of marketing is just mouth to mouth. Tweet about us, blog about us, put your scores on facebook, tell your friends and family!

Play the Game!

Even though we don’t have all the mini games lined up just yet, that doesn’t have to stop you from grabbing the Street Kit, getting out there and making a real difference!

Mini games

The largest part of SpareChange is the mini games that will educate people about the life of a streetie and also the part where we are in dire need of help!
We aim to create about 80 minigames (!!!) based on Maslows hierarchy of human needs. We need:
– Creative, out of the box thinkers to conceptualize new minigames. If you know a little about game mechanics and what makes games fun and addictive! Even better!
– Artists
– Programmers
– Testers

You can send any mini game suggestions here.


Specifically people with knowledge of databases. We want to be able to save user accounts and progress and have objects from mini games interact with other mini games.

Become an Ambassador

Ambassadors are people that commit to our cause at a specific location. It is asked of them to create a list of all the charities and organisations in their city/town that work with streeties and collect information from them. They will also be asked to customise the printables won through minigames to suit their locations.


One doesn’t even have to be particularly skilled in a language to do this one! You simply need to know enough to translate the text on our printables to the language used by the streeties in your area!

Become a Partner

Our Partners are drawing the longest straw here! They are organisations or charities that already work within the field, helping the homeless. By becoming a partner you are basically helping us to help you! The aim of many of our SpareChange mini games are to send YOU volunteers! We want to know what you are looking for in a volunteer and what a new volunteer can expect during their time with you. This will help us to motivate them to take part in the program, to prepare them and send you even BETTER volunteers! Something like this cannot come about without us making people more aware of your work, so there is even free marketing in this deal!


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