Monthly Archives: April 2015

Hallo World!

We just have a little something new to show off! BOOM!



In other news – we are working on a new mini game that will feature as a little promo game for our project. We have talked to some charities dealing with the homeless and their main concern is people that give money to streeties. We understand that people want to help, but by giving money, they are actually worsening the situation. Streeties that get money from begging might be tempted to buy drugs and alcohol instead of food. They might also turn away from organisations that are trying to help them. Our promo game will tackle exactly this issue! If you’d like to get a sneak peek you can already go to the demo and click the ‘Food Fall’ game. The idea at the moment is to separate ‘Food Fall’ from the rest of the game and put ‘Food Fall’ on the play store! Big stuff! But ofcourse, it still needs some work. I will post our progress as we go =D



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