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Printables are on their way!

Goodness! We need a person that loves to write in this team so that we can put more updates onto our website =P

I am happy to introduce to you *drumrole* THE PRINTABLE!

get help_food_stellenbosch_DRAFT

You will be able to print these, cut them out and paste them to form small envelope cards. Each card contains information on where to get help on a specific topic like food, shelter, medical or emotional. Be sure to ask the streetie what he needs and if you’d like, you can even have a look at google maps so that you can give directions if the map on the inside of the card is not clearly understood. On the flip side is an inspirational quote that will hopefully lift someone’s spirits 🙂

These cards will be unlocked to you as you play our mini games and in doing so help you to build a ‘Street Kit’ that prepares you for when someone extends a needing hand in your direction.

We will probably make these cards available without having to play the game for now, while we still work on perfecting our mini game, One man’s trash.

To create the food cards we are working with Feeding in Action in Stellenbosch, South Africa, to pinpoint all the places where they are handing out food to the needy. Our mission is of course to map ALL the places in ALL the world.. but that would take some time! If you think you can help us out with this it would really mean the world to us! You simply need to make a list of places that hand out food to the needy in your area and pinpoint them on a map and send this to us. (You can get in touch through our newly added contact form 😉 There’s always something we can use help with, if maps ain’t your thing check out how can you help for something else 🙂



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