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It’s been a while! Which means there are loads of new things to share with you! Firstly: Login page! Here’s what it looks like at the moment:

Login page
Yes yes, it’s only a draft =P After the login page you will be taken to a horrid draft of a city map where you will be able to pick which mini games you want to play. At the moment we are still working on the Dumpster Diver game which is only getting better and better by the day!

I have made a little intro animation for the dumpster diver game (click it, click click!):


Things that have been added to the mini game is the ‘dignity counter’, ‘game over’ function, a new sprite, distance measure of cops and better playability for the ‘diving’ part. I will give a short description of each.

The dignity counter consists of three paper bags. Each time the streetie is seen going through the trash by a civilian, he feels shamed and his dignity counter drops. When his dignity reaches zero, he will go into hiding and the game is over.

Right underneath the health bar you will find the distance to the closest cop – this is meant to assist the player while he is dumpster diving. The idea is that you take as much as you can and leave before the cop reaches you. If you are caught you will be thrown in jail and it will be game over.dumpster

The diving part now has a ‘quit’ button – very useful for when the cop is coming right at you! There are also 2 ways to handle the trash. One, you can pick your item and say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ via the cross or check buttons or two, you can simply drag and release items up or down! I really love this! Although the game will only be playable on PC for now, I can only a smartphone version where you use your fingers to go through the trash!

Last but not least, the civilian sprite has been added. The girl is already in the game, the man is still in the creation phase.



A lot of new things has been added, but there has also been a lot of reworking and learning going on behind the scenes – we’ve been busy  =D We have also worked on the point system, done research and talked about badges and achievements and easter eggs – yup, a lot more to come!

Then there’s something else we would like to set in motion – partners and ambassadors. Partners are charities, helping the homeless and in need of volunteers – we will basically give them free advertising and send ‘trained’ volunteers their way. In return they will share information with us about their work and the ways of the homeless to always insure that our games teach the right right things.
Ambassadors are people who help us set up connections with these partners and will function as our link with them getting information and reporting back to us.

Well! That’s it for now!
Over and out =D

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