Mini games concept expands

Hallo hallooo!

Exciting news on the conceptual side of the mini games!
The player of the mini games will be presented with a virtual book – a how to guide for living in the big city. Within this book the player will find a map with 3 mini games. (I don’t know how many, let’s just go with three for for now.) Whereas the original idea was a set of mini games being played in order, the new idea is to always give a choice of which mini game to play. Each mini game, upon completion, revealing a different set of new mini games! This means each player can follow a different set of mini games!
But wait, there’s more! Things that are collected within the mini games can now be taken into other mini games!! Like weapons or clothing or recyclables.

This brought me to the idea of easter eggs that can only be unlocked within mini games when the player has the right items with him/her! And I have quite an exciting idea for what the easter eggs will be, but I think I will keep it a secret for a little bit longer. At least until the rest of the team has approved it XD

All these nice developments (and many others) with the game concept means that we would have to take a step back and reconsider the programming language used for the first (not yet finished) mini game. This means that the current demo game won’t be getting any better soon. But we will have you updated as soon as the new one is up and ready to go 🙂


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