Some thoughts on more mini games

Since we’ve been going full steam with the Dumpster Diving game, I haven’t given the other games much thought. My attention was brought back to the other games when typing an email this morning, so I worked out some quick thoughts that I will share 🙂

Some other themes we had in mind was keeping clean, getting money, sticking to appointments and mental illnesses.

For the ‘getting money’ game we should try getting the message across that giving money to a homeless person might just do more harm than actually helping them. Many of them might just go off and buy alcohol or drugs.

For the ‘appointment keeping’ game, we should reveal that although the homeless man had all the intentions of making the appointment, he simply didn’t because he was mugged by other homeless people, didn’t know what time it was, caught by the police or he was intoxicated.

Scott posted a link to a series of amazingly beautiful illustrations of mental illnesses as creatures. For the mental illness game I thought of something like this (and this idea comes from a full fledged RPG – set in a completely different world – I wanted to create, but I guess it can work here too.) The player is not in control of the character, but controls the environment instead. So the character will act in unpredictable ways (depending which creature/mental illness has a hold of him) and the player has to try and setup the environment to help the character reach certain goals. I think this mini game can be really great especially if we combine it with proper research.

No ideas for the keeping clean game as of yet.

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2 thoughts on “Some thoughts on more mini games

    1. I never knew there were that many game making tools online! I should definitely familiarise myself with them =D Though, I think the idea I have is a bit more complicated than the Zelda/Pokemon type RPG. The idea is unrelated to the current project and the concept is not well formulated yet, but I’ll PM you just for the heck of it 🙂

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