Sprites – Dumpster Diving

I’m very new at this game art thing – started yesterday! So here’s my first attempt.
If you want to help create mini games for the project, feel free to use the sprites provided.

Left is a bin for the dumpster diving mini game in its normal state.  On the right is the green version. The idea is that it turns green for a few seconds when someone throws rubbish into it.

normal bingreen bin

I’ve also included a rough background sketch with bins in orange. The top row bins are those lamppost bins and have a smaller capacity than the normal bins in the park, but maybe one can go through them faster. The big one top left is the treasure trove of junk, but for most of the time it is guarded by other homeless people. I know zip about game mechanics so if my layout is too complicated for the game to be fast paced and exciting, then go ahead and scrap it. If you don’t want to build the game but know something about layouts, you can just send me a sketch also.

background small

Thanks for reading =D


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