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Shout out!

I want to thank all the kids who helped create prototype games for our project =D I really enjoyed playing the games and seeing how the kids see life on the streets. These are the creative problem solvers of the future! Thank you all very much!


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Some thoughts on more mini games

Since we’ve been going full steam with the Dumpster Diving game, I haven’t given the other games much thought. My attention was brought back to the other games when typing an email this morning, so I worked out some quick thoughts that I will share 🙂

Some other themes we had in mind was keeping clean, getting money, sticking to appointments and mental illnesses.

For the ‘getting money’ game we should try getting the message across that giving money to a homeless person might just do more harm than actually helping them. Many of them might just go off and buy alcohol or drugs.

For the ‘appointment keeping’ game, we should reveal that although the homeless man had all the intentions of making the appointment, he simply didn’t because he was mugged by other homeless people, didn’t know what time it was, caught by the police or he was intoxicated.

Scott posted a link to a series of amazingly beautiful illustrations of mental illnesses as creatures. For the mental illness game I thought of something like this (and this idea comes from a full fledged RPG – set in a completely different world – I wanted to create, but I guess it can work here too.) The player is not in control of the character, but controls the environment instead. So the character will act in unpredictable ways (depending which creature/mental illness has a hold of him) and the player has to try and setup the environment to help the character reach certain goals. I think this mini game can be really great especially if we combine it with proper research.

No ideas for the keeping clean game as of yet.

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I am very exited about the ‘dragging trash’ timed puzzle Scott suggested. I have uploaded the individual trash bits on the sprite grab page and posted them all together here just so you can see.


I think pizza should give a high score.. I’m also thinking that maybe the player shouldn’t only be able to grab edibles but also recyclables?

As you probably noticed – the name has changed from Hobo101 to Spare Change. Someone also suggested Give Change. It’s really hard to choose between the two, I might change it again later!


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New sprites

Some new goodies up for grabs 🙂
New cop, homeless character dumpster diving, a full bin, numbers for score keeping and a health bar icon.  Enjoy 🙂



Also, the current name Hobo101 is a working title. Will try to figure something else out in the weeks to come.


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Sprites – Dumpster Diving

I’m very new at this game art thing – started yesterday! So here’s my first attempt.
If you want to help create mini games for the project, feel free to use the sprites provided.

Left is a bin for the dumpster diving mini game in its normal state.  On the right is the green version. The idea is that it turns green for a few seconds when someone throws rubbish into it.

normal bingreen bin

I’ve also included a rough background sketch with bins in orange. The top row bins are those lamppost bins and have a smaller capacity than the normal bins in the park, but maybe one can go through them faster. The big one top left is the treasure trove of junk, but for most of the time it is guarded by other homeless people. I know zip about game mechanics so if my layout is too complicated for the game to be fast paced and exciting, then go ahead and scrap it. If you don’t want to build the game but know something about layouts, you can just send me a sketch also.

background small

Thanks for reading =D


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Spare Change

What started out as an idea on is now becoming a reality!
Here are some concept sketches dragged over from the original forum, enjoy 🙂

Spare Change (overall game concept sketch)


DUMPSTER DIVING mini-game concept sketch

  1. Point and click. If you click a spot your character runs to there.
  2. Bins have a capacity of 10 items. The more items there are the longer it takes for you to    go through them. You can stop going through a bin at anytime.
  3. The fuller the bin, the more food you will find to increase your HP. The longer food stays in the bin without being removed by a player, the more the probability that it will make you ill. There would have to be some visual element to display the status of each bin.
  4. Illness or being hurt (like cut by glass) happens randomly when going through bins and makes the player slower for a few seconds. Probability increases with full or rotten bins.
  5. The game starts of with no police. The further it goes the more the police becomes. I don’t think they should chase the player like in pacman, but rather hang around idly and once the player is spotted, pursue them for a bit.
  6. I’m also thinking about including other hobos that will push you away from bins.

More Ideas found online – Mental Illness as Monsters HERE

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