Make a 3D Racing SIM

Materials :
Download Blitz3D Driving Game {don't forget to uncompress!}

Day 1-5

TLW experience modifying a 3D video game including:

  • Making character and enemy static meshes with Anim8or
  • Hacking the Blitz code [gravity, speed, acceleration]
  • Replacing the music and sound effects
    8 bit Sound FX generator [or download]
  • Creating a new race course by replacing the heightmap, color map and texture

The screen shot below shows your vehicle attempting to reach a waypoint and being intercepted by red enemies

Using shades of gray you can spray paint your new track height map!
Black is valley, white is peaks, gray is middle plain

Similar to the height map racetrack a color map will brighten or darken specific corresponding areas of your racetrack! Try spray painting with colors!

What texture will you find/make to replace the terrain? Water? Rock? Metal?

Below is a screenshot of Anim8or 3D modeler creating a simple car player.
Maybe in your game you will make a submarine or boat or hovercraft or ?
EXPORT as a .X or .3DS format
PowerPoint Anim8or TUTORIAL HERE

Download Blitz3D Driving Game {don't forget to uncompress!}