HOBOKIN Challenge Entries

I met Sean "Mac" McGill through the Gameful.org website. He is currently homeless and hoping to encourage others to make games that increase public awareness. After receiving the green light on his HoBoKin Project from the one and only Jane McGonigal I thought it would be a great opportunity for my high school game design classes and club to participate. Here are the results of my challenge.
Mac McGill
Jane McGonigal

Mac Reveals the Top 3 Winners!

1st Place
HoBoGo (board game
Sample Event & Item Cards: Click to enlarge


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2nd Place
HoBo by Cody & Mike

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3rd Place
Parkman by Parker P

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4th Place
Hobo Game by Jess L

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5th Place
The Waitress (Homage Comic) by Caitlin A

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Remaining Entries

HoBo Life by Trenton K

Download EXE or ZIP

Job Application Redemption by Coby K

Download EXE or ZIP

Hobokin by Nathan B

Download EXE or ZIP

CollectTheMoney by Issac C

Download EXE or ZIP
Hobo GO! by Brandon W

Download EXE or ZIP
Hobo Collector by Mathieu T

Download EXE or ZIP
homeless collector by Derick W

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