Hall Of Fame
Past students/members of LCHS game/web classes/club [BACK to Jnoodle]
Tyler Jacobson
Founder of LCGC
Flash movie mogul, UT level designer, Ruby, etc
Currently: Preparing for the App Academy
Jesse Schoch
Co-founder of LCGC
Site: Critical Systems Digital
ONS Hyrule, PiTri, SwitchArsenal, UTilityKit
Volt Workforce Solutions Technician
Irene Watkins
Past member of LCGC
Visual Communication Design at Cornish
Currently: Freelance Designer at mallourcott design
Christy Lai
Past Web Design Student
Owns Colorcubic (multidisciplinary creative studio)
Kelsey Pickinpaugh
Past member of LCGC and videographer
User Interface Designer at Double Down Interactive
Eric Carmichael
Python-Django Wrangler, StarCraft Wizard
Owner CKCollab
Jamari Lawson
Past member of LCGC
Art Institute of Seattle & U of I
Creator of Surrender-man web comic
Joshua Haberman
Did an independent study with C++/Allegro
Software engineer at Google
Kaitlyn Finney
Past member of LCGC and videographer
Owner of Technicolor Dream Shows
Aaron Scott
Amazing musician!
David Hennigan
Games Factory Genius
Derek Baxter
Graphic Artist
Sean McIlvenna
Sr. Software Architect at Lantana Group