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"Maker of unique educational games that students
will want to play again and again!"

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NEW! COOPalypse
Coopalypse is a cooperative card game for 2-4 players that encourages students to research notable people, science, technology, and important issues.

Students will combine their forces against characterized enemies, e.g. famine, homelessness, drought.

Once students have played a few games they are provided a template to create their own booster packs. You will be amazed and entertained at their creativity!


Choosing future leaders for your new colony based on appearance only. A social impact game that reveals prejudices and promotes redemption.

You are about to make some very important decisions based on ‘appearances’ only. There are 4 leadership positions to fill in your new colony.

The wrong person in the right office might be better than the right person in the wrong office.


ARBITR is a fun social impact game designed to encourage peaceful resolutions to potentially inflammatory situations!

Like ‘Apples to Apples’, but edgier.
More like Cards “FOR” Humanity.

My students really enjoy this game, will play the entire period, invent their own cards, modify the rules, even invite additional players by just reshuffling the discard pile. Expect future expansions!


Coming Soon! Periodimon
Periodimon is a collectable style card game with 'monsters based on elements Hydrogen through Calcium and Gallium through Bromine. Fun to play and teaches basic chemistry principles about elements and their popular compounds providing interesting single and combo effects.


In the works!
  Association Art Game
Our attempt at The Glass Bead Game
Alternate Reality Game/Breakout EDU Ghetto Starter kit