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Mello Ball
While the famous Magic 8 ball answers questions,
the Mello Ball is an almost sentient anti-stress geodesic 
created to be an anti-anxiety oracle.

Touching the mouth generates 1 of 16 carefully researched calming phrases. Touching the colored globes generates over 16,000 unique and soothing ambient sound tracks. 

This web app is smartphone browser compatible!
Check it out HERE!

Vocal Credits: Warmvoiceover Music Credits: InBflat

Jen - Ugly Saves the World
Jen is ugly on the outside and beautiful on the inside.

Nobody cares

until she saves the world.

But, is it too late?

An 8 page mini-comic made for the Peace Superheroes Jam.

Design Thinking Project Generator

The Design Thinking Project Generator web app was created after seeing Jackie Gernstein's amazing Make Education Card Game.

Our FREE prototyping services were extended to her and she was pleased with the results :)


MMStorm is a multidisciplinary, multimedia brainstorming project idea generator suitable for middle school and up. It is a 36 card deck and I recommend printing the 3 kinds of cards on 3 different colored card stock.
Instructions are included in this
FREE PDF download.

For those wanting to skip the hassle of self-printing and cutting, the 36 Card FULL COLOR printed deck can be ordered HERE

Y=mx+Battleship was cutom made for one of our math teachers looking for a more exciting way to explore the slope-intercept form of a linear equation.

Created using Clickteam Fusion, this HTML5 prototype is playable in most browsers and compatible with most devices!