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    Scott Jacobson
I love to make engaging learning experiences, re-playable games and fun apps! Collaborating on social impact projects is my passion. If you have a game idea I like and a clear description/storyboard I might just help you prototype it!

Currently, I teach Make-It! Science, Intro to Computer Tech, Game Design, advise an after school game design club, 3 online courses (I developed).

I'm big on Project Based Learning and Design Thinking and I enjoy collaborating on worthy causes. Most recently, my membership in a monthly accountability group with 5 other game devs has had a huge impact on my productivity!

    Tyler Jacobson
Tyler Jacobson is my on call artist and gameplay advisor...

Tyler founded Lake City Game Creators in 2002. Back then he was just a 7th grader but had the guts to go to the nearby high school once a week and teach Seniors how to make computer games. Once old enough to go to Lake City High School he quickly carved out a solid reputation in game design as a renaissance man. While his expertise is Flash & Actionscript, Tyler is also a gifted 3D modeler/animator and UT Level designer. His extra attention to the juicy details sets him apart from the rest of the crowd. 

    Robin Hughes
Robin Hughes is a game producer/COO at Out of the Blue Studios and a former producer/founder at Game Academy & Exchange. I have worked with him on many positive social impact projects over the years and even though he is on the opposite side of the globe in New Zealand, we manage to work together very effectively.

If you have a worthy 'games for social change' type project that you'd like prototyped, Robin is your guy!