FREE MUSIC for your projects!

Hi! I'm Ezra Chaput. I play guitar, some viola, create digital music, write songs/stories, and make abstract and digital art. Feel free to hit me up about anything, I love connecting with other makers and artists!

If you need music for anything just let me know. The music on my bandcamp can be used as long as you give credit and let me know (I love seeing how it gets used and discovering new projects). If you're going to be using it in something for profit, it'd be nice if you paid for the track on bandcamp.

the whole world is out there...
cave chill zone
occult classics
it's the end (the beginning)

Seth Lowman
is an amazing musical talent.
Using an M-Audio Keyrig 49, Seth composes some of the richest tracks heard by humankind! Seth is happy to let you use these original tracks in your project as long as you list him in the credits. If you happen to sell your game, a percentage would be appreciated. Rich MP3 format and the smaller midi file format are available for you to choose from.
MP3's on Dropbox

Midi's on Dropbox
Aaron ScottAaron Scott is an amazing musician. His mastery of multiple genres makes him a valuable asset to any multimedia project that requires original, inspiring and emotionally evocative sound tracks. Aaron can either design music for you if provided a tech demo or he can work from a detailed game description. Be prepared to experience the unusual effect that many of his tracks have to actually inspire the game idea itself ! Aaron has graciously provided 16 of his best tracks below FREE for your use (Just mention him in the credits.) Aaron's influences are Mum, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Jenni, Subsenix, Spor, Apex, Ben Sage, Amon Tobin, Vegetarianmeat, and my dad.
Glass Lung; Miss Angel [full]
Broken Console: Redux [full]
Dust Man [full]
Analog Legacy [full]
Master [full]
Green Forest Birds [full]
Kit Killer [full]
Man of the Sky [full]
Cloud Code [full]
Warp [full]
Fall Red 209 [full]
The Transverse [full]
Vegi Snax [full]
Mushroom [full]
Rellik [full]
Make It Better [full]
Casey FalkChris Leighton (aka Juice Man) is a man of many talents. We call him the Juice Man because he is the resource guy you can go to to get the sprites, sounds and music to make your game extra "JUICY". Just give him credit if your game is free or royalties if you sell it. He's happy to assist!
Beat NIK
Gomez the lava master
Mysterious ruins
Pulsating blue sun
beach sample
stormy racetrack
volcanic ash