1st 6 week Project:
FUSION Game with Procedural Content 
Construct 3
BlockSmith Builder
2nd 6 week Project:
Blender [ Video Tutorial ] [ Video Tutorial ]
[ Video Tutorial ]
3rd Final 6 week Project:
Your choice!
Share 1-Sheet Pitch

I.E. Game: Turning Tides - Comic: Jen - Comic: Big City Birds


"Get ready to amaze your friends and family! Be ready to hear, "How did you do that?" Nothing beats the feeling you get when you complete your first game and other people play it.
Nothing is more inspiring than having people anticipate your next creation. Make your computer into a games factory today!

is the recommended tool for this class in terms of ease of use and teacher support. For full credit you should use original graphics, include sound effects, have intro and player help, etc. Original gameplay trumps remakes.

Sprite Generator


HTML5/Javascript - The Future!

While most casual gaming sites and Youttube use FLASH,
HTML5 is positioning itself to be the future of casual games.
Whether the platform is PC, Mac, iphone, ipad, Chrome, Firefox, etc.,
HTML5 is the up and coming contender for interactive apps.
Even though HTML5 scripting is fairly simple compared to most
languages, there are a couple IDE's currently available that
require no coding experience, are free, and available for use on a PC
or a Mac. Be a pioneer, earn bonus, gain the respect worthy of your efforts with either of these two game development apps.

Python is a programming language that lets you work more quickly and integrate your systems more effectively. You can learn to use Python and see almost immediate gains in productivity and lower maintenance costs. Required if you want to work at Google!
BIG BUCK$$$ on the fast track. Seriously.
Learning Ruby is mandatory if you plan on making apps for the Apple folks
or plan on attending App Academy or Dev Bootcamp!
>>> Advanced Ruby On Rails

Blitz & Anim8or
Learning how to program is the highest calling in the game industry and definitely the most challenging. If you are up to the challenge it can also be the most rewarding of endeavors. Using Blitz is the easiest way to learn programming and is a good indicator if you are truly up to the task.

2 tutorials are available. One that focuses more on using animated 2D sprites (2.5 D) and another that expects you to use 3D meshes.

You may choose to work with a partner who is willing to create your sprite and 3D mesh resources if you want to make a truly original game. Making 3D animated meshes is probably the 2nd highest calling in the game industry. Most people can learn how to make static meshes (e.g. houses, appliances, vehicles) fairly quickly, but making animated meshes takes a commitment commensurate to programming. Most 3D game projects have failed due to overworked programmers and modelers. So, for this type of project you may have to settle for a game style that uses 2D sprites and/or 3D static meshes. Choices for 3D modeling tools include Anim8or or Blender but you will have to commit to being self-taught. Crash course Anim8or Tutorial HERE.

Tutorials: 9 step 2D , 2.5D OR 3D

Android APPs!!!
For this exciting option you will need to bring your own laptop and android device. MIT App Inventor is a blocks-based programming tool that allows everyone, even novices, to start programming and build fully functional apps for Android devices. Newcomers to App Inventor can have their first app up and running in an hour or less, and can program more complex apps in significantly less time than with more traditional, text-based languages.


Specialty Options
These options are available to those with the determination to be self-taught!
They are NOT installed on all computers so you may have to move!
Installed on the front row.
One of the most popular tools currently for making 3D and 2D games exportable to the widest variety of platforms.
installed on the back row.
Must complete the video tutorial series (on server) and build the demo level during first 3 weeks! The UDK is one of the most popular engines used in professional games like Bioshock Infinite.

RPG Options
BEST all around RPG style creation tool

Board / Card Game

Making a board or card game is definitely an option in this class but does require a lot of planning and art work. After finishing and testing the rough prototype you will be expected to make a professional looking edition and upload it for possible POD publishing to TheGameCrafter.com !
Instructor's example card game HERE.
FREE Clipart : Openclipart | Imagebot Editor | DrawIO

CARD >>> Periodimon | MMStorm | Legends of the Warriors
BOARD >>> HoBoGo | Massive Time War | Bank Heist

Construct 2 is a brand-new, general purpose HTML5 game and app maker. It uses an event based system for defining functionality in a visual, human-readable way. Construct 2 is the only tool which allows you to do real, productive work in a non-programming system. It does not patronise you with colorful blocks or over-complicated gadgetry. It's great for beginners, and powerful enough to let experts work even quicker than by coding.
Now with network MULTI-PLAYER capability!

Comic / Visual Novel

A game that comes with a companion comic book is a classy option that can be used to cross promote. Even if you feel you are not artistic there are tricks for non-artists.
Suggestions for this project type include these 3 themed anthologies:
School Life , Miscellaneous, Evil Orb or Visual Novel.
You will be encouraged to produce a quality inked and scanned product suitable for scanning/uploading to the Print On Demand site Ka-Blam.

UPLOAD to Tapastic or Comicfury or TheDuck or Smackjeeves !!!

The comic book dimensions are 6 inches by 9 inches
(1200 x 1800 pixels scanned in at 200 dpi)

School Life Miscellaneous Evil Orb

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page 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Visual Novel
an interactive graphic novel with multiple endings