(1st Timer or past Veteran that would like a fresh start)
To be a valuable team member it is essential to be familiar with the various skliis involved in a game project. You will likely prefer to be only a writer, artist, designer, promoter or musician, but to have effective communication within your team requires an elementary knowledge and appreciation of all skill sets. So, for the first 9 weeks you will be exposed to a variety of lessons designed to familiarize you with these various game project duties.

Week 1-2 Digital Citizenship Review then Make a CYOA 100 pts

Reviewing Digital Citizenship using Interland
You must get a passing grade!

Make a CYOA using the free web based Inkle or Twine or Quest
Must include 3+ relevant graphics (borrowed, sketched, photos)
Must have 12+ branches/paragraphs and 4+ alternate endings
Inkle PRO Example | Kenneth Sample 1 | Student Sample 2
Student TWINE Example
Quest Examples

Weeks 3-4 RPG MAKER!!! . . .100 pts

"Ever dream of making your own video games? With RPG Maker, those dreams can become a reality, even if you know nothing about game programming! All it takes is a combination of your imagination and dedication, and our software. Imagine your friends playing as the heroes you created, traversing dungeons you crafted, and thwarting the evil plans your villains hatched.

The RPG Maker series allows you to customize every aspect of your game with an easy to use interface, making it perfect for beginners, while being powerful enough for experts. Unleash the power of RPG Maker to create your own RPG Masterpiece!"

FOR an A+

  • At least 1 of EACH of these events:
    Battle, Shop, Weather, Conversation with branching question
  • Multiple treasure chests and doors
  • Multiple maps with warps/doors to interior spaces
  • Import a new Title screen, character, tileset, or vehicle
  • Tells an original or reinvented story


For the next 6 weeks you will be exploring The Games Factory 2.0 by creating 3 practice games demonstrating many of the basic game mechanics, i.e. * player control * target/enemy movement * shooting * sound * destroy * collisions * create * life, score, health

The Games Factory 2.0 Tutorials : Crash Course!
Get Additional HELP Tuesdays after school through Lake City Game Creator Club
Plethora of example files HERE
Need a copy of The Games Factory for home use? [HERE]

Weeks 5-6 Make a Collector ! . . .100 pts

4 direction with animation, snap to grid, background obstacle, enemy movement, collision-destroy, score, life,
sound effects: Web Sound FX [or download]

Related tutorials: 8/4 Direction : Maze : Collision : Dissection
The Games Factory 2.0 Tutorials : [ONE] [TWO] [THREE] [FOUR]

Week 7
Make Music . . . 50 pts
Use 2 of the follwing
Soundation (export WAV)
Onlinesequencer (export MIDI)
Audiosauna (Guide) (export song as audio WAV file)
to create 2 original music tracks for your upcoming platformer!

Week 8
Make a Sprite Sheet . . . 50 pts
Create 3 srpite sheets for your upcoming platformer. A main character side walking cycle with forward facing idle frame. An enemy. A BOSS.
Use Piskel or your phone to take pics of a poseable toy or a friend in costume against a flat background and clean up in

Weeks 9
Make a Platformer ! . . . 100 pts
Platform control, obstacle, platform, ladder, scrolling, path, import sprites (walk, jump. fall, disappear), jump on enemy logic, dialog/info boxes (great for RPGs!)
Related tutorials: [FIVE] [SIX] [SEVEN] [EIGHT]
[C:\charasmaker] or RPGVX EXPORT or
Sprite Generator or HERE or PISKEL!

[=============== END of Quarter ==============]

Weeks 10-11 Make a 2 player COOP . . . 100 pts

Go back to your previous collector or platformer project and convert it into a 2 player COOP!
Car control modified, shoot in direction of, hot spot center rotate, action point, disappearing animation, 2 player setup/score/life, random enemy appearing and shooting at you.
Related tutorial : [NINE]

Weeks 12-13 Create procedurally generated content in a level/map in FUSION . . .100 pts
AboutGDC Kate Compton

EXAMPLES: Proc 1 : Proc 2 : Proc 3

Weeks 14-15 CODING Intro. Pick 1 of the following. . .100 pts


Start with the 4 10 minutes demos then get as far as you can in UNIT 3 focusing on the block editor activities.

CODE HS : Intro to Computer Programming
Get as far as you can!


Already installed on the class computers. Use MIT's snap-code method to make a game.
Take Stencyl Crash Course 1 and Stencyl Crash Course 2

Weeks 16 3D Game . . . 100 pts

USE UNITY (already installed) and follow one of these tutorials:

Roll-a-ball tutorial
2D UFO Tutorial

OR Use Blitz to hack a 3D driving game! HERE

ADVANCED tutorials are also available. One that focuses more on using animated 2D sprites (2.5 D) and another that uses animated and static 3D meshes.

Anim8or for the 3D meshes!
[already installed in the C:\drive]
Create a variety of simple static objects for use in your Blitz project.
YouTube Tutorial

Weeks 17-18 Final Project. . . 100 pts
Pick your favorite lesson from this semester, add, update and polish it for submission as your final project! Upload to and promote. How will digital citizenship be reflected in your project?
Game Design Videos
Making Your First Game
The No Hit Wonder

Next semester/year you'll be a bonafide VETERAN
with the freedom to choose your favorite tools and project themes!


* Gamestorm
* Alternate reality
* Side story
* A story you wished had ended differently

through SURREAL ART: