Game Design FAQs

Q: What is this Career Tech class, really?

A: Bottom line, Career Tech is an exciting multimedia class that encourages you to share your stories, poems, beliefs, or dreams (even nightmares) in a graphical web based form. You can take this class for up to 4 semesters. The first semester you will play with the tools by making a few exciting mini-projects. The following semester(s) you can work independently or with a team on a larger project of your own choosing. Completed quality projects can be hosted in the student gallery for future generations to admire.

Q: Where can I get EXTRA HELP?

A: 1st - Much of the software is free for home use and comes with in-depth tutorials. 2nd - If the instructor is tied up, your best resource is the 2nd semester students. 3rd - more personalized help can be gotten after school TUESDAYS from 2:30-4:30 with the Lake City Game Creator club. Easily join by registering in the forums where you can give and get help online or in person from fellow club members!

Q: What if I'm not artistic?

A: If the instructor hasn't yet shown you 'Salad Fingers', 'Mr. Nice & the Underwater Sea Gang', or 'Machina', you'll soon realize that a good story can make simple art look great! More importantly, you'll learn the tricks of easily converting sketches and photos into game art. By using importing, tracing and filter "cheats" creating original quality digital art will be a snap!

Q: If I hate to play video games why would I want to make one?!

A: I believe you hate to play video games for a good reason! My motivation for making games is to create the game I've always wanted to play but never found! Do you ever imagine "what if"? Do you have dreams? Nightmares? Do you like art. Do you have a story to tell? A story you should tell? Make the game you want to play!

Q: Can I make a shooter?

A: Good grief, just what the world needs, another shooter game... Well, if ya gotta do one, how about you change it up and add an original twist? Try to slap a story on that thing too and see if it sticks. Shoot boogers at bugs or flower seeds at poo if ya have to :) Try a 2 player cooperative style.

Q: Where do we SAVE our work?

A: You'll probably want to work on your project at home too, so it is recommended that you buy an inexpensive USB drive to keep your documents, graphics and source code backed up and portable. Keeping an extra copy on your school account "P drive" is OK for backup purposes but NOT as a working folder as it is subject to frequent slowdowns and outages.
The best practices method is:

Q: Do we have to learn how to code?

A: Not really... Just a taste near the end. Each person will get some experience writing, drawing and editing the first semester. This allows you to effectively communicate with each other should you assume a specific role in a future team project.

Q: What if I really want to code? I hear there are HUGE job opportunities there.

A: After getting a small taste as a Rookie, there are several recommended options when you come back as a Veteran, e.g. Javascript, Coffeescript, Ruby, Python, Blitz

Q: Where do I get music & sound effects for my project?!

A: Ask a veteran that has created original music or make your own sounds with audiotool or AS3SFXR

Q: I want to work on a TEAM!

A: FIRST, Convince the teacher that the project you are working on will keep every member of your group occupied. If you suspect a member might be the slacker type, give that person the responsibility of maintaining the bi-weekly (twice/wk) BLOG
















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