Aaron Scott - Musician
Aaron ScottAaron Scott is an amazing musician. His mastery of multiple genres makes him a valuable asset to any multimedia project that requires original, inspiring and emotionally evocative sound tracks.

Aaron can either design music for you if provided a tech demo or he can work from a detailed game description.

Be prepared to experience the unusual effect that many of his tracks have to actually inspire the game idea itself !

Aaron has graciously provided 16 of his best tracks below FREE for your use (Just mention him in the credits.)
Glass Lung; Miss Angel [sample] [full]
Broken Console: Redux [sample] [full]
Dust Man [sample] [full]
Analog Legacy [sample] [full]
Master [sample] [full]
Green Forest Birds [sample] [full]
Kit Killer [sample] [full]
Man of the Sky [sample] [full]
Cloud Code [sample] [full]
Warp [sample] [full]
Fall Red 209 [sample] [full]
The Transverse [sample] [full]
Vegi Snax [sample] [full]
Mushroom [sample] [full]
Rellik [sample] [full]
Make It Better [sample] [full]
Aaron's influences are Mum, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Jenni, Subsenix, Spor, Apex, Ben Sage, Amon Tobin, Vegetarianmeat, and my dad.